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"Just tried using the 'Curry Tube Top' as a pre in front of my Walter Woods dual channel mono ultra-high power amp (the "Blue Light") using both my Lakland electric and my acoustic upright. I'll be darned if that 'Curry Tube Top' didn't warm up the sound of the Walter and get my basses sounding rich and full the way I've always wished they would sound!" - Ron Suffredini - Session Player


"It sounds AMAZING!! I plugged my Rhodes into it and it was warm and full sounding." - Nathan Wilmarth - Keyboardist for the Doors


"Through the years I have used every bass preamp and DI under the sun and to my ears, nothing comes close to the warmth and depth of the 'Curry Tube Top'. Recently I had the chance to use it in a session at Capitol Studios and the sound was so rich and spectacular that I chose to bypass even the Neve preamps and line amps and recorded straight to Protools! That was a first..." - Jorge Costa - Producer-Engineer for Korn, Melissa Ethridge

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